Cushion covers with zip and piping

Another cushion cover option is here: an advanced one with an invisible zip and piping at the edges. The instruction file is with all languages, please only print the pages that you need!

Halloween throw pillows

The spooky season is here and I’ve updated my Halloween decoration with these cute throw pillows- they are super easy to sew! Will you make some for yourself?

By the way, the spider you see in the background is one of my other freebies, just scroll down to find the pattern!


The perfect DIY sewing project for cold days- a tracksuit! The joggpants I’ve made without a pattern and I’m showing you how in the YouTube video. The sweater by the way is a pattern hack of the „Rebecca“ pattern and the video about it is also on my YouTube channel.

Stuffed Christmas tree

Time for a last minute Christmas deco tree! I got the original one from my mum, but of course I had to have more trees in african waxprint- so I made some for myself and prepared the free pattern for you!

Cargo style details

As well as the Y2K style, also the cargo trousers trend is back! Let’s upgrade an old garment with these cargo style elements, which are of course not for trousers only…

Tote bag „Oscar“

Free pattern
watch the tutorial on YouTube

My favourite shopping bag for groceries! I made the bottom out of an old pair of jeans and the main part is as always african waxprint.

Sideseam pockets

Sideseam pockets are great- they don’t influence the design if you like to keep it clean but they are here to carry your stuff- get your free pattern here!

Lion application

With the same technique as the snowflake sweater below we are sewing now one of my bestsellers- the lion! Because of the deep v neck I’ve placed the lion head asymetrically. By the way, the t shirt is dyed with red onion peels, so amazing!


Better late than never! A scrunchie tutorial from my side… these are really a perfect little gift and a wonderful project to use up fabric rests!

Snowflake application

Yay, I’ve finally got my Christmas sweater! Add these snowflake applications anywhere you like to and create your own…

How to copy simple garments

It is true that a pattern is an important part of a sewing project, but it is also possible to copy simple garments from original ones that already fit you well without a pattern. This method is especially suitable for simple t shirts, sweaters and joggpants or leggings. I’ll explain how I do this with the example of a kids tracksuit!

Fabric Christmas baubles

A great way to make your Christmas decoration more afrochic! These fabric Christmas baubles come in two different sizes and look so unique and beautiful on a Christmas tree or anywhere else. Mix them with „normal“ glass baubles in matching colours and enjoy your new decoration!

Tiny scent bags

Quick to sew and a lovely little addition to a gift: tiny scent bags. While I made mine with lavender flowers, for Christmas it would be also suitable to fill them with short cinnamon sticks, cloves or other Christmas scents!

corner workmanship

Welcome to Christmas time! With my corner workmanship you can create a wonderful and unique table decoration and sew fabric napkins and a table runner for example. But in fact, this workmanship is so universal and helps you to make clean and sharp edges on your creations, whatever they will be.

halloween spiders

Ohh how spooky! Make some of these spiders and decorate your home for Halloween, that’s really fun! I’ve hung mine up on the wall with a thin thread in the colour of the wall. They are really looking like they are crawling up the wall! This is why I made them with a loop at the head. And from time to time the kids pet them as their fur is just so soft…

draped wrap skirt

It’s getting glamourous! The skirt „Diva“ is made without a pattern, so it will be adapted to your personal body measurements. All the calculations I’m explaining in the video!

mini easter bunnies

Another seasonal sewing project for you! These cute little bunnies perfectly fit into an egg carton and make a beautiful and colourful easter decoration.

fabric stars – christmas decoration

A project for true waxprint lovers- how can we incorporate our favourite fabric into the christmas decoration? This is one of the answers! For these stars no sewing machine is needed.

knotted throw pillow

Another interior treasure- a knotted throw pillow! Combine it with matching „normal“ cushion covers and waxprint frames (tutorials see below) and to take your decoration to a higher level! This DIY project is so easy and is also suitable for kids.

book cover

Give simple notebooks, diaries, booklets or whatever a stylish colourful upgrade! The pattern includes the sizes for the german Mutterpass, Kinder- U-Heft, a DINA5 wirebound notebook and a passport. But I’ll also show you how to calculate a pattern according to your individual measurements.

waxprint whale

Cuteness overload! I’ll show you how I made this stuffed whale. It’s not difficult at all, just get your free pattern here and watch the YouTube video tutorial!

waxprint summer top

A simple summer top without zipper or anything complicated. The pattern is super for african waxprints but also nice for flowing viscose fabrics. The pattern includes sizes XS-L.

face mask in different sizes

Protect yourself and others with a beautiful waxprint face mask! This one adapts to your face shape very well with its nose wire and is comfortable to wear.

boho kids summer dress

Our girl is always in for a cute colourful summer dress! This one is so comfortable and she wears it a lot. The pattern is in a size for ~4-6 y/o children.

waxprint garland

We are using this garland for all our birthdays in the family- it’s the perfect reusable decoration and you can easily use up your fabric rests.

waxprint tulip

These flowers never wither! How amazing are these stuffed fabric flowers? And if it’s with african waxprint, I’m even more thrilled. Make yourself a bouquet for an instant spring feeling in the house! Attention: the download file is all in one- sewing instruction in english and german and pattern in DINA4 (fits on US letter) and DINA3. Just use the pages you need.

waxprint frames

A match to the waxprint cushion covers from below… it cannot get any quicker for a DIY project!

waxprint cushion cover

Give your home some colourful update! These cushion covers are really quick to sew and I also show you how to adapt to your individual size. What are you waiting for?

princess dress

A lovely waxprint princess! I’ve made a princess dress for my little one- the pattern here is in german kids size 104, that means is suitable for children who are about 104 cm tall.