I’m Birgit Siani, the founder, designer, seamstress, patternmaker, sales manager, CFO, trainee and the cleaner behind the fashion label Koba.Siani. I studied fashion design and after my graduation I worked in the fashion industry for 7 years. Back in 2004 I fell in love with a Cameroonian man (who became my beloved husband and father of my kids) and the wonderful bright and bold coloured world of african waxprints. These fabrics wouldn’t let me go anymore!

After having my two cute kids, I wanted to start my own business and turn my private waxprint passion into my profession. Half day I’m entrepreneur, the other half belongs to my family.

At Koba.Siani you will find waxprint streetstyle fashion which can be easily adapted to the customer’s taste. All styles can be ordered in all collection prints and many other details can be customized. This is the advantage of buying a small label! Every piece will be unique! Just come over and visit my shop on Etsy.


The brand name

What does Koba.Siani mean? Siani is the first part of my family name. I know, it’s old-fashioned, but I took my husband’s name after the marriage.

Koba is the village where the family of my husband is coming from. It is situated in the western part of Cameroon.



At the moment, the biggest part of your orders I’m sewing on my own. I have also some other seamstresses around the corner in Stuttgart who can help if the workload is getting to high. But you can be sure that your Koba.Siani clothes are produced ehtically responsibly.

Some basic garments I buy from other brands and I put only the embellishment on them. These brands are i.e. Earth Positive, Mantis and Stanley&Stella. These garments are also produced sweatshop- free, most of them are even organic. Detailed information you will find on my Etsy shop, in each concerned item.