The dress „Carla“ is a great upcycling project for a thrifted men’s shirt. It’s really easy to sew as some details already come with the shirt, and when you mix up an old shirt with a fabric from your stash, this dress is new to your wardrobe but is saving all the natural resources.

The pattern is available on here on Etsy, on Africabaie and also as an interactive instruction here on Ribblr. Click on the sketch below for watching the Youtube sewing video, so you can check in advance if sewing this skirt is something for you.

This is the upcycled shirt dress „Carla“… click on the sketch to watch the tutorial.
„Carla“ with belt and high heels- quite elegant…
Such a lovely combination- flannel check shirt with african fabric.
One of my favourite combos- business stripes with african waxprint!
All the pretty combinations…
It’s all about the details… Carla has POCKETS!