The t shirt „Mila“ is so special and elegant! With its deep neckline and cup workmanship it flatters your curves. The sewing level is intermediate and of course it’s easier if you have an ovelocker.

The pattern is available in my shops on Etsy and Ribblr (here as an interactive instruction). Click on the photo below for watching the Youtube sewing video, so you can check in advance if sewing this blouse is something for you.

Watch the YouTube sewing video
Cute! The „Mila“ is a perfect companion for dirndl dresses, watch the tutorial for this quick pattern hack here.
Time for more „Mila“ pattern hacks- cropped and short sleeves, watch this and more items out of my home printed fabric here!
„Mila“ comes now with a 2nd option- a chest part instead of cups! This gives the t shirt a square neckline and a less deep neck drop.