Big sleeves are definetely in fashion! Besides these statement sleeves „Stella“ is quite simple and a perfect base for pattern hacks and alterations. So you can be sure this page here will fill up very soon with many creative versions and the instructions how I made them.

The pattern is available on here on Etsy, on and also as an interactive instruction here on Ribblr. Click on the photos below for watching the different Youtube sewing videos, so you can check in advance if sewing this blouse is something for you.

Big sleeves and fitted body- this is „Stella“!
Click on the photo to watch a detailed instruction how to cut your fabric for „Stella“ for the different sizes and for different kind of fabrics.
You don’t fit exactly into the standard measurement chart? Click on the photo to watch my Youtube tutorial how you could make some adjustments.
Click on the photo to watch the basic version sewing instruction.
Click on the photo to watch the „lazy“ version sewing tutorial. This is really quick to sew and perfect for flowing fabrics!
Really a flattering couple- the blouse „Stella“ and the wrap skirt „Rita“- click here to watch the video tutorial how I made this pattern hack.
The basic version is so cool for african waxprints!
Elegant silk „Stella“ to dress up…
Of course I also prepared a written sewing instruction for the pattern hack „Stella“&“Rita“- click on the photo for the download!
Just a few alterations and you have a beautiful dress! Click on the photo to watch the YouTube tutorial. The level is a bit advanced, but totally worth the work!
This photo will lead you to the written sewing instruction of this flattering dress. Please only print the pages with the language you need to save paper 🙂
„Stella“ sleeves+ the „Valentine cut out top“ = the cutest dress ever! Click for the free written sewing instruction.
Never ending possibilities for the „Stella“- how do you like my new gingham dress? Check out the video tutorial for the pattern hack here!
Watch my video tutorial on YouTube here! On my IG account you’ll also find a live sewing session with this dress, for more details…
The „Valentine cut out top“ is a free pattern from fellow fashion designer Jenny Grace- here is the link to this pattern, it is available via a link in her bio.
A trendy dress for spring/ summer 2022- click on the photo and find the written sewing instruction in english and german for this cutie.
My instagram people have voted for a wrap blouse, so here we go! Watch the YouTube tutorial here…
The ultimate summer dress in a wonderful pineapple waxprint- I’m ready to make the maximum out of my „Stella“ pattern! Watch the pattern hack instruction video and sew one for yourself…
… and here is the free sewing instruction- with photos! Click on the sketch to see it. But I would highly recommend the version in my Ribblr shop- there all instructions are interactive! Totally worth a try.