The wrap skirt „Rita“ is so easy to sew and I’m with you with every step. But if you see the end result you wouldn’t think that this is a beginnerfriendly sewing project!

The pattern is available on here on Etsy, on Africabaie and also as an interactive instruction here on Ribblr. Click on the sketch below for watching the Youtube sewing video, so you can check in advance if sewing this skirt is something for you.

Let me introduce you to the wrap skirt „Rita“… click on the sketch to watch the tutorial!
For ballerina princess vibes the tulle version… click on the photo to watch the video!
Yes, we make a wrap dress with „Rita“! The top is the blouse pattern „Stella“- click on the photo to watch the video tutorial for this pattern hack.
The new „Rita“ update is here! It includes a short version, a computer made DINA0+DINA4 pattern, 2 more sizes (XL+XXL), a more detailed instruction with photos and a refreshed YouTube video!
„Rita“ in cotton lawn- click on the photo to shop the fabric!
… also looks good in viscose!
Take your „Rita“ skirt into your winter wardrobe!
A click on this photo will lead you to the written sewing instruction of the pattern hack „Rita“ & „Stella“.
african waxprint version
…always a win paired with a simple top…
I styled the viscose version also for summer…
A simple pattern hack- we’re only using the back panel to create a beautiful maxi skirt! Click on the photo for the written sewing instruction.
The YouTube video tutorial for this skirt is waiting for you…